Beverage Formulating

Beverage formulating is a complex process that requires a team of highly skilled technicians to complete successfully. With processing variables and many ingredients to consider, formulating unique and relevant beverages is a blend of art and science. A beverage formulating can consist of a blend of flavors, sweeteners, acidifiers, emulsifiers, colors, nutraceuticals, botanicals, preservatives and many other types of beverage ingredients. A trained professional should always under take this process. Beverage flavors can be very volatile and it is important to understand how they will react in different bases. Nutraceuticals, which are now a very important part of beverage formulating, are also very unstable if used incorrectly, it is important to know how each one will react to other ingredients. Making sure the shelf life is sufficient to sustain a profitable supply chain is also a very important factor hence the importance of understanding the preservative process. There are obviously many other factors involved in beverage formulating. Beverage formulating areas: • Energy drinks • Functional beverages • Enhanced waters • Juice based products • Carbonated soft drinks • Energy shots • Cocktail mixers • Malt beverages • Dairy based beverages • Coffee & tea • Powered supplement mixes • Popular ethnic drinks formulas from around the world Painless Process The drink formulating process begins with a creative session outlining the drink. Spending time with the beverage scientist can accelerate this timeline. This process may take multiple iterations.