Beverage Sales Companies

Distributors Deliver Beverage Sales Beverage distributors purchase, warehouse, and deliver products. They also handle the billing and receivables of customer accounts. They are experts in the logistics of transporting and selling products to the retail or food-service customer. Distributors bring together products from many manufacturers and distribute to many retailers. This centralized effort reduces the number of contacts between manufacturers and retailers. Distributors distinguish themselves from the competition by becoming experts on local and regional markets and by building long-term relationships with retailers and foodservice companies. Sales Promotions Selling the new beverage to distributors is only the first step. Consumers must respond by purchasing the product. The fastest way to fall off from a major retail account or distributor list is to fall flat on sales. Aggressively implement the many Sales, Promotional and Marketing strategies that will boost sales at any retail account. Finding Profitable Supply Channels The food distribution system in the U.S. is complex. By the time a drink is placed on a grocery store shelf, it has traveled countless miles and has been handled by many people. The product needs to be profitable for the broker, distributor, and retailer.