Beverage Designers

Beverage designers communicate the brands' image to the consumer. It is vital that the product possesses the desired qualities and attributes to achieve a distinctive presence in the marketplace. These brand attributes should be inherent in the beverage design. As with all facets of beverage development, the target market dictates the beverage design. Understanding the needs, tastes and preferences of the target consumer will be pivotal in determining the style and type of beverage design. Cartoon characters may be perfect for a juice geared to children but may not work for all children across all demographics. A tea beverage may benefit from a fun or quirky design but an energy drink would require something quite different. Making the best beverage flavor is a complex process that requires a team of highly skilled designers. By processing variables and mixing ingredients, formulating unique and relevant beverages blends art and science. A beverage formula can consist of a mix of flavors, sweeteners, acidifiers, emulsifiers, colors, nutraceuticals, botanicals, preservatives and other ingredients. Emerging trends in beverage design and packaging are difficult to predict, but they exert a strong influence on package design. Consumer research can provide insights and help identify important characteristics that the brand should leverage. Every product is different in some way. An effective brand must be distinct and memorable to survive in the marketplace. Beverage design experts work carefully to create unique messages that engage consumers. Look for a beverage design team who will listen to ideas and follow research findings when designing the beverage. Drink color, packaging, aesthetics, flavor profile, and functionality all contribute to brand perception. Artwork must be of high quality, interesting, and relevant. Most importantly, it needs to be memorable. All of these attributes should work toward meeting the expectations and preferences of the target demographic. The ultimate goal is to design a beverage that is unique and fulfills a consumer's unmet need.